Saturday, 20 November 2010

1991 The Year That Broke Punk 1.2

So looky here, it's that all important part two of the Radio On 1991 podcast. Now I know what you're thinking, will there be any Pixies/Slowdive/Darkside/insert favourite obscure artist here? Well that would be telling wouldn't it. I can say there will be no U2/Nirvana/Rod Stewart has that helped?

Have at it and see what you think. I'm going to have a listen through and make a list of the songs used under the talking segments. I'll edit them into this post later.

Next Radio On will be from '85, so think Live Aid, Whitney Houston's debut and Five Star's Luxury of Life. All of those won't feature, but what will? Well that's the question isn't it?

Anyway grab it here. (Click the right hand side of the player to download).


Almost made it #1
The Hit Parade - In Gunnersbury Park. I love this song, even though it's so damn drippy.

Almost made it #2
Gallon Drunk - Draggin' Along on Snub TV!!

Almost made it #3
Sterolab - Changer.


  1. Will give this a go in the week Gary, nice work!

  2. Cheers. I think I'm happier with this than with part 1. Much easier second time round.

  3. played it this afternoon Gary - made for an enjoyable hour.

    Cheers for the dedi, although I really wasn't having a dig!!! Good selection of tunes, and more varied that show 1 I think. Teenage Fanclub and Wedding Present were particular faves.

    All in all a solid performance, look forward to the next one!


  4. I did say a 'little' dig. :D Cheers Ian. Mondo will get a shout out when I get a chance to get New Rose into a Podcast I guess. :D

  5. Whoops how did I miss this DL'ing now..listen tomorrow

  6. That Talk Talk tunes a treat (and I'm with you on the middle 8), but I'd never noticed how Roxy influenced they sound before. Also the Bleach lyrics are a sign of the time - looking out the window to break the boredom, now it'd be all Txt, internet and Twitter.

  7. That's true, she's quite angry isn't she! I'm sure she'd be ranting about something else instead. I don't really hear Roxy in Talk Talk at all Mondo. I was thinking about it today since I listened to the album that's on, and I don't think a week has passed in the past five years when I haven't heard that track. That's I-pods for you I guess.



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