Saturday, 6 November 2010

1991 The Year That Broke Punk 1.1

So here we go, the first Radio On podcast is ready to go. In years to come people will talk of this momentous event in hushed tones, and of course lay claim to the fact that were there, and downloaded before anyone else. Well maybe not, but you know what I mean.
Now the hawk eyed types amongst you will have noticed that this is in fact part 1. Part 2 will follow at some point in the future, just when, I'm not sure, it's as Depeche once said - a question of time. Anyway have at it, and let me know what you think. It's a little on the dry side, but then so am I, so that's kind of fitting really.
The music might be in stereo, but the voice is very definitely in mono(tone).
Anyway grab it here. (Click the right hand side of the player to download).


Sadly not the tantrum night, but I'd love to know why this hasn't been slapped out on DVD?

MBV destroying a whole generations hearing with their wonderful live shows from '91. (Note the flue player to the left who had the job of playing the melodies, freeing the guitarists up to play feedback).


  1. Before I start listening, can you assure me that you will not attempt to play a snooker based quiz, plead with your (ex) wife to come back or make an embarrassing resignation speech? However, feel free to play as many annoying jingles as you can lay your hands on.

  2. John hand on heart I don't do any of the above, I don't even have a big hairy nickname or anything. I was tempted to pepper the podcast with Radio Norwich jingles lifted from the Alan Partridge DVD's, but thought better of it.

  3. Great debut Gary - I was never really a hardcore indie kid at all (more into alt.metal - King's X or Jellyfish, Boys Wonder and the sort of tunes collected on this comp in 91) so most of these tracks are new to me. They sound better to my ol' ears now, than they did at the time and haven't really dated at all. On the subject of Swedish bands with dodgy names have you checked out Paul Tunk's Swedish band Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck.

    PS - I've just been checking the album charts for 91 and blow me there was some right ol' guff up for grabs wispy women, mopey blokes and reissues

  4. I never got Boys Wonder, it seems like everyone round our neck of the woods thought they were the dogs knackers, not me though. I didn't realise that Paul still had it in him, I thought after The Weekenders he'd called it a day. I'll have a voyeuristic peek. I know there was plenty of toot about in '91. I had a look through every chart from that year, just goes to show you have to cherry pick your way through to get to the good stuff.

  5. Ah now the penny drops, Tunks isn't in the band they are on Blow Up. Had a quick listen, not really my kind of thing. But good luck to them.

  6. Enjoyed the pod Gary. V impressed with your links. Sound very relaxed, just the right pitch. And way less 'uhms' and 'ahhs' than me!!! Did you script it or just bang it out?

    Some good tunes, although I'd like to see you mix it up a bit, and throw in some singles from the era too.

    Great first show chap.


  7. Ian, not scripted but edited like crazy. What singles is it ye missed Ian? That's the thing with it being an hour though, you can't cram it all in. Don't forget there is another show on the way. So maybe what you missed in this one will be in that one. I doubt it though. Ha ha.

  8. Not anything in particular Gary, just wondered as it was an 'overview of the year' if you'd throw in a 'hit' or 2 from the year. Obviously I don't mean Bryan Adams, Cher etc, but wondered if you'd drop in a suitable crossover indie\chart hit??

    enjoyed it tho, look forward to part 2.


  9. Ian, originally that was the idea, but as I got down to actually picking out the songs I found time too tight for that approach. At the end of the day most people own Unfinished Sympathy, 3AM Eternal, There's No Other Way already, I thought I'd try and push people in a direction that is a little different. I
    m not steering clear of things because they were popular, it's just if there is a better song to slot into those three minutes then that wins. Does that make sense? :/

  10. Fair enough Gary, it IS your show after all!!!!

    Meant to say, on the presenting front, you reminded me a bit of Gary Crowley - and I mean that in a good way! Not so much in voice but in style. Gary always comes across so enthusiastic, and I definitely got that from your links too.



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