Sunday, 17 April 2011

1985 - Live Aid So Much To Answer For

Wahey! I finally found the time to record another episode of Radio On, this time from the year (yup you guessed it) 1985. Not the best of years for music, but as always there's a fair few things worth putting together and talking about.

There's plenty of umming and ahhing, sentences that come to an abrupt halt as another thought takes hold, and it's all held together by my lovely warm monotone Essex voice. So what else can you expect? Well there's a bit of chat about Live Aid, the holy trinity of mid 80's music New Order/The Smiths/Mary Chain and the also link between Trevor Horn and erm Ian McShane.

Next Radio On is from 1995, Britpop ruled the universe back then, so it'll all be Small Faces/Kinks wannabes won't it? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Go on treat yourself, you know you're worth it. Enjoy. (Click on share, then click link to MP3 to download).

Further Reading:-

Some of the horror of that fateful day in July '85.
Simple Minds rocking that 80's cotton trouser look.

But even they pale in comparison to Hall & Oates, who look like they were in fancy dress. The taller of the two obviously came as The Lion form The Wizard of Oz. God alone knows what the dwarf was dressed as though. Gotta love the sax guy too.

Here's the oddity that is Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy. You can just picture Peter Gabriel getting all uppity that they stole his idea about mixing Englishness with African chanting.


And last up here's Grace Jones laying into one of the sweetest British TV interviewers ever, Russell Harty.


  1. Played the lot in one hit - nice length Gary (fnar fnar!).

    Really great selection of tunes, you done well to make 1985 sound so good!

    Loved the chat too... I was 18, and knew right there and then that Live Aid was shit (bar Bowie, and that was by no means his best performance). Like you say, the US stuff was even worse, and I remember thinking at the time that there must be something wrong with me! Everyone was in raptures for weeks, and I just thought it was awful. Was so mad on music by then, and didn't think it represented me at all. Apart from Bowie, I think Adam Ant was the only other person I was interested in, and he only go one number!

    Kevin Rowlands speaks very highly of you I understand.

    Live the presentation style, very easy going and relaxed, but entertaining and informative too.

    Be very interested in 1995 - my Blow Up year!


  2. Cheers Ian. I enjoyed doing this one much more than the previous year. Poor old Kevin, when I listened back I felt I'd been a little harsh on the fella. I've said it before but what the heck I'll say it again, doing a podcast by yourself is a thankless task. No one to bounce off of, no one to pick up the slack, no one to be the funny/straight man.

    I'm looking forward to '95 a lot. I'm going to try and get through it without playing any of the holy trinity - BLUROASISPULP. But we'll see… :D



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