Saturday, 30 October 2010

Welcome One, Welcome All

So here it is, finally after boring the ears off of anyone remotely close to me (and quite a few that aren't), I have jumped headlong into the world of Podcasts. Now I haven't actually recorded anything yet, but that'll happen later. Honest. For now I thought I'd give you a quick sketch of what I had in mind for Radio On.
Well first up the podcast will run somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, it'll be centered around the music from one particular year - kicking off with 1991 (as suggested to me by Daniel Bergman). Well you've got to start somewhere haven't you?
Now the main thing to remember is that this isn't a definitive overview of the year, it's just me alone in my front room illuminated by a laptop, drinking some beer and pulling records out that I adore. Some of these songs you'll know, some you might not. Hopefully it'll send you scurrying off to find some of them, while others might get rescued from a dusty corner of the homestead and be welcomed back to the record player.
Anyway let's just see how it goes shall we? All feedback welcomed.
Catch you later,

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