Saturday, 30 October 2010

1991 - The Ones That Got Away

When I started pulling records off of shelves, checking dates of actual releases, and generally trying to immerse myself in the music of '91, I never realised just what a task I had set myself. I have spent the best part of this afternoon whittling down everything into some sort of realistic running time. Having to not include some of these was heartbreaking for me, but don't worry I'll get over it somehow. So here are a list of the ones that would have made it if only I had more time:-

Electronic - Some Distant Memory
Brian Eno - Everybody's Mother
The Fall - Shift-Work
The Field Mice - Willow
Gallon Drunk - Draggin' Along
The KLF - Build A Fire
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (William Orbit Mix)
The Magnetic Fields - The Saddest Story Ever Told
Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
Mercury Rev - Car Wash Hair
Moose - Suzanne
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
The Orb - Star 6 & 7 8 9
Orbital - Midnight
The Orchids - Peaches
Saint Etienne - Like The Swallow
Ultramarine - Honey
Tom Waits - Back in the Good Old World
Dean Wareham - Anesthesia
Wir - Take It (For Greedy)

So that's what isn't in the forthcoming RADIO ON, so the sharper among you should have a pretty good idea of just what will be in there. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.


  1. Hey ho - you're off and running. You'll have to come over and do a guest blog bit at some point - perhaps choosing a couple of choons from the poddy as a teaser..

    Lovely run of album spines - is that Leonard Nimoy I can spot

  2. Been shifting my Vinyl over the weekend, and funny enough found a long forgotten selection of Moose just a few hours ago! Put them aside for a play.

    Great selection there, incredible that they are all from 1991.

  3. Cheers you two, of course if it wasn't for you both then I wouldn't be doing this. So when it all goes tits up…
    Yep that is a Nimoy album, it's a good 'un as well. Any excuse to go through my vinyl is always welcome, so I quite enjoyed picking these out. Maybe one day when I have hundreds of followers I'll have a competition involving the naming of all those spines in the background. One day…



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