Saturday, 30 June 2012

Seven Inches of Joy #6 - Comet Gain

Comet Gain - You Can Hide Your Love Forever [Fortuna Pop! 2001] - CAT# FPOP26

Comet Gain seem to have been around forever and then some, without ever really getting anywhere. Like most 'non corporate hey we don't have a five year plan' bands they never seem to get any bigger or any smaller, they just keep playing the same old venues year after year. It's sad since you know that the poor sods in the band will never make a living off of their music, and at some point in the future will have to admit defeat and try to pick up their lives from that point onwards. Still that's the glamour of the pop life for you isn't it?

They've been around since the year dot (well the early '90's), and have been on more record labels than there are swear words in a Ken Loach film. They're from that Graham Coxon shambling North London Indie school of music, which I used to adore, but now don't feel quite so much affinity for. The ever fluctuating line up centered around main bod David Feck have, like so many bands of their ilk released a huge stack of records that you'd be lucky to find in your local HMV.

They can be a little hit and miss, but when they get it right, they are perfection in a polyester shirt. You Can Hide Your Love Forever is one of those moments, and it must be these occasions of greatness that motivate the band to keep on keeping on. The title is an obvious nod to Orange Juice's second LP, and that's David Feck in a nutshell really. He wears his influences like a well worn suit, yet still manages to come up with something that sounds distinctly his own.

This is such a joyous song which comes with that essential sing along in the chorus option. By rights this would (and should), fill the sticky beer soaked dance floor of any local Indie emporium, with enough bespectacled misunderstood poets to please even the hardest Smiths fan. Of course it comes in the obligatory folded paper sleeve in plastic bag, and is quite possibly the thickest, heaviest seven inch in my collection (steady on there, let's keep it clean shall we). It also still goes for a fair bit of money, which is not bad for a ten year old single is it?

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